Why do I need a Wedding Planner?

You've done it! You're finally getting married!  And it feels amazing, like you can conquer the world, until....all the details, the planning, the design, the work, the stress, the worry, the....AHHHHH!!!! No one wants to feel like a Bridezilla and you don't have to.  Here are just a few ways that hiring a wedding planner can help save your sanity and make your special day exactly what you want it to be.

Planning a wedding or event can be a full time job; from researching vendors, taking care of the details, and coming up with creative ideas to make your celebration amazing, a planner will save you hours of legwork. A professional keeps you updated, makes detailed itineraries for all involved, including other vendors, and assures you that everything will happen on time and on schedule. A planner will flawlessly execute your event.

Your planner channels your tastes, taking into consideration your style and personality. She will make sure that your event day surpasses all expectations and turn your dreams into a reality, and can offer etiquette and ideas along the way.

Great planners have built outstanding relationships with vendors in all categories. In turn, vendors want to work with these planners because they know the event is going to run smoothly. You are sure to get the best prices from the finest, most reliable vendors who love working with your planner.

A planner is educated in handling situations that involve any unforeseen circumstances relating to your event day with grace and ease. Their goal is to go above and beyond and to devise solutions to make your day perfect, no matter what it takes.

A savvy planner will keep up with all the latest industry trends and stay ahead of the curve. They have the ability to suggest out of the box ideas that will add personalization and a wow factor to your event.

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